Premium Sexual Wellness Products For Men

The heat got you feeling dry? Don’t worry. You can enjoy a “wet season” anytime with Amity Jack.

Amity Jack designs premier sexual products by gay men for gay men, giving you the best sexual experience that money can buy to meet the most demanding sexual desires. The specific formulas mean that they won’t feel heavy afterward and that it moisturizes your skin to a supple texture.

They provide a variety of awesome sexual enhancement products at an insanely affordable price. No gay man should venture off into the bedroom without trying Amity Jack first.

In this article, we’ll show you just how the two awesome types of Amity Jack lubes will improve your sex life and ensure you and your partner enjoy real sexual pleasure. When it comes to anal sex… hold onto your butts, boys.

Amity Jack Bang Oil

Amity Jack Bang Oil

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“Screw that! I don’t want to edge!” you might say to yourself. If that’s the case, you’ll need something that won’t dry out as quickly as a water-based personal lube while still giving you a supple glide. With that, Bang Oil’s got you covered.

Though not an actual oil… Bang Oil is made from a silicone blend that will reduce friction while still transferring sensual feeling. As mentioned previously, you won’t need to reapply it constantly so it’s a once-and-done type of application. Its consistency makes it perfect for anal, taking you and your partner to a whole new level of pleasure.

The wonderful thing about silicone is that it’s not just for dry land. You can take this personal lubricant into the bath or shower too! Lube up before hitting the hot tub, pool, shower, or any other wet place you’re ready to go. Clean-up will be a breeze. Make sex a whole lot easier without feeling sticky afterwards.

Nothing is perfect, though, and the same applies to this lube. Silicone lubes, in general, should be used on silicone toys. See, silicone degrades silicone when used on each other. You don’t want that to happen. To combat this, you can simply cover your toys with condoms and be set. Silicone lube is perfectly fine with latex. With a few adjustments and planning, you can use Bang Oil wherever you need and on whatever you want.


Amity Jack’s impressive water based and silicone lubes are the new best friends of any gay man. The make every bottle in the USA using only high quality ingredients. Giving you premium products and mind blowing experiences again and again.

The balance of pleasure and glide make the ride better. The last a long long time… meaning you’re not stopping to reapply in the middle of the fun action. Their great consistency feel amazing. Maximizing your pleasure and making you glad you invited Amity Jack to your bedroom party.