America’s Favorite Lube

For those of us who had their sexual awakening with John Travolta during his Grease years, then have we got the lube for you. Finally, there’s a lube that can satisfy all your butt fascinations with a silky smooth formula designed to make you cream for more. And since it was created by a company called B. Cumming, you’re sure to be busy all night long.

Founded in 1979, Elbow Grease lubricant is one of the oldest lubes on the market. No more did people have to use lotion, spit, Crisco, or sheer perseverance with their sexual expeditions. Elbow Grease lubricant offered the much-needed oil-based or silicone-based lubricant people needed, crafted by experts in the field of sex. Now it is a top position for the hearts, minds, and fantasies of people around the world, and with good reason.

Elbow Grease is odorless and thick so it’s perfect for those who need something heartier for the bedroom. Whether you use it for sensual massages or orgasmic anal sex, Elbow Grease is sure to do some heavy lifting for you.

Elbow Grease Original Oil-Based

Elbow Grease Original Formula Cream

No frills, nothing fancy except pure, quality lubricant with Elbow Grease Original Lubricant. It’s mineral-oil-based, so it’s perfect for condomless anal sex or deep tissue massages. Use it for long-lasting lubrication that won’t need reapplications (because nothing is a bigger boner-killer than “hold on, babe, gotta re-lube”).

Enjoy the gentle creaminess of Elbow Grease, which is sure to never get tacky or sticky (boner-killer #2). Ensure that your experience is friction-free and smooth sailing all the way through.

Just a note: It’s best to not use an oil-based lube (such as Elbow Grease) for vaginal sex as oil can infect up a storm in there. Also, oil-based lubes aren’t the best for condoms; so if you don’t know your partner’s history, use a different lube.

However, if you’re not using Elbow Grease with condoms or for vaginal, then lather up! It’s gonna be lube for you.

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H2O Personal Lubricant

Elbow Grease H2O Personal Lubricant

We’re 70% water, so why not add a little more to your body? Elbow Grease H2O is a luxurious blend of water, aloe, & vitamin E that’s always guaranteed to be smooth to the touch. It will never be tack or sticky unlike other wimpy lubes out there. This FDA-registered personal lubricant is condom compatible so fear not using it with the rando you met on Grindr. It mimics a thin silicone-based lube providing glide and feels like no other water-based lubricant on the market. Enjoy it with your toys and with your boys because you’re not gonna want to use anything else, especially since it’s non-staining and long-lasting. Best of all, it offers incredible moisturizing properties to keep all your parts soft and supple. The only problem with Elbow Grease H2O is that it doesn’t make your breakfast in the morning.

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H2O Thick Gel

Elbow Grease H2O Thick Gel

Somewhere on about 89% of all gay men’s Grindr bios is something about how they like ‘em thick. Well, have we got a lube for you. H2O Thick from Elbow Grease is sure to satisfy all your desires while giving you all the pleasures of a water-based lubricant.

As the name suggests, this is the lube equivalent of The Great American Challenge. It’s incredibly thick, making it perfect for anal play. Thinner lubes cannot handle the extra friction-busting lubrication that the anus requires, but what if you still want to use your silicone toy for solo fun? Finally, your prayers have been answered.

H2O is guaranteed to make anal play very, very enjoyable without drying out quickly or staining the sheets. It’s totally body safe, so you won’t have to worry about infections or unsightly smells afterwards. Use it with condoms if you so desire. It’s all the benefits of a water-based lube but made girthy for your filthy fun bedroom romps.

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Fusion Deep Action

Elbow Grease Fusion Deep Action Silicone

There’s a lot of deep things we adore: Deep sea diving, deep conversation with a cute boy, and the Deep Action that’s sure to come after it. Deep Action is the silicone-based personal lubricant designed with your pleasure in mind. The slickness of this silicone lube is sure to make sex and masturbation infinitely better without drying up quickly, allowing you to go hours into play. Enjoy it where it’s wet too, whether it is in the shower, hot tub, pool, or any moist place. It’s designed to help things slide along wherever you are.

A note about toys: It’s best not to use silicone toys with silicone lube as silicone-on-silicone degrades the toy’s material. Womp womp, we know, but better safe than sorry. You can still use it with condoms, though, so just ditch the toys for a night and grab a boy.

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Fusion Original

Elbow Grease Fusion Silicone Personal Lubricant

Yet another brilliant silicone product from Elbow Grease, except best for external use. We all love skin to skin contact, but with massages you need a little help getting a luxurious glide. Finally, there’s a silicone-based lube designed for massages only, giving you a great feeling that moisturizes your skin and lets the recipient ascend into blissful relaxation. Besides, as it’s silicone you can probably use it for the happy ending portion of at home massages too.
But whatever you decide to use it for, Fusion Original by Elbow Grease is sure to please all parties involved and give you a great massage experience.

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As you can see by their great selections, Elbow Grease is sure to facilitate a great workout. Whether you use it for sex, massages, masturbation, or anything your filthy brain can think of, Elbow Grease will handle what you throw at it (especially if it’s The Great American Challenge. Give it a shot if you’re feeling brave.)

Their water-based lubes are universally compatible with all body parts and toys and their silicone-based lines are best for those who want incredibly long-lasting lubrication. Through in the Fusion Original massage gel and you’ve got all your bases covered.

Now uncover them and grab some condoms, because you’re sure to need a few bottles of Elbow Grease to get you through the night.