You and your partner have a vague sense of wanting to do something more, something outside standard different positions… something to get you harder. Yup, it’s time to spice things up in the bedroom with a few harmless fetishes from our kink list. Choose your adventure to enhance your sexual arousal.

Whether your fetish involves a mild or wild sexual attraction… Here is our kink list of common and not so common kinks out there for you to explore:

Exhibitionism steamy window

1. Exhibitionism

This is the act of someone witnessing or potentially witnessing your sexual acts. It can be public sex, having sex in a car, or just having sex with the window open. The act of the unknown can be thrilling, a rush that gets people off. Just be aware of public laws if you want to take sex out in the world.

2. Voyeurism

The opposite of exhibitionism, voyeurism is quite possibly the most common kink there is. Ever watched porn? That’s a form of voyeurism, except the voyeurism kink deals with watching or hearing sex happen in person.

Handsome man in bondage ropes

3. Bondage

This is another common one. Handcuffs, duct tape, bed restraints, anything to keep hands and feet bound together. This one can range in severity of bonding and restraints and can be compounded with lifting the bound partner into the air. Bondage is all about power: Having power or being powerless can be a huge turn on for some.


This goes along well with bondage. BDSM stands for bondage, domination, sadism, masochism. In a sexual experience involving two people, one person will be the submissive and the other will be the dominant. The submissive is the one who receives whatever acts and the dominant is the one enacting these. Power play is at the core of consensual BDSM and the kink is nuanced with rules and guidelines for a safe experience for both parties involved. For example, a safe word or check-in words are common for people to use to gauge the other’s experience. “Red” can mean stop, “yellow” means proceed with caution, “green” means go on ahead.

This is so the dominant partner knows when to stop whatever it is they are doing to the submissive so that no one ends the experience feeling traumatized or in an excessive amount of pain. Aftercare is a necessity in BDSM, communicating how things were for your partner as well as doing what you need to do to recuperate, such as cuddle, eat, or sleep. At the end of the day, BDSM should be like a good workout at the gym. Soreness means you did a good job, but actual pain means something went wrong.

Foot fetish man's feet

5. Foot Fetish

Foot fetish is more common than you think, especially with males. Making it a great addition to our kink list. This involves using feet in sex or foreplay, whether it’s sucking on toes to get your partner going or full on footjobs. Sexual contact with feet can feel amazing to those with a foot fetish and it’s so pervasive that it’s not abnormal at all.

6. Fetish Materials

This fetish can include common things that are used in the kink world, such as feathers, nylon, leather, silk, rubber, clothing such as panties, stockings, corsets, lingerie, and so on. Seeing this material as clothing arouses those with the material fetish. That leather strap or rubber gloves can have a whole new purpose in the bedroom.

7. Armpits

Another part of the body that is looked down upon as a kink, but shouldn’t be is the armpit. Those with an armpit fetish like the smell, taste, or feel of the armpit as a form of foreplay or sexual act. Again, this is a pretty common fetish among men and can be a totally normal thing to implement in the bedroom.

8. Foodplay

Bring some honey and lick it off your partner or get some whipped cream to eat off their neck. Food is a great way to get some more sensory stimulation in the bedroom. Sticky honey prolongs licking and provides a new taste not found in sex. However, though food can be enjoyed on the body, it should never be enjoyed in it. Inserting food into any part of the body other than the mouth can lead to infections and put a pause on any further sexual experience ranging from a few days to months. Proceed with caution when using food in the bedroom and take the necessary steps to keep it out of unwanted bodily orifices. Flavored lubes can be a great food substitute or addition to food play.

9. Role play

Role play involves dressing up or embodying a different character in the bedroom. Common ones include uniforms: Dressing up like a cop, fireman, teacher, doctor, etc. It can involve dressing up as another gender, dressing up as your favorite TV show or movie character or personifying an animal. There are a lot of subcategories in role playing and the possibility to explore this kink is endless. Making it one of our kink list favorites

10. Mess-Fetish

This involves bodily fluids during sex or foreplay. Semen is a common example, where ejaculating on or around someone can be an immensely sexually satisfying experience. Cum lubes look and feel like semen, making them a freaky fit for cum mess fetish types. A subcategory of this is watersports, where someone enjoys urinating on or being urinated upon by someone else. If done in a safe, consenting way, it’s something new to add to the bedroom.

11. Group Kink

This is something that requires the help of more than two people. Couples enlist the help of a third-party person to partake in their sexual acts or they participate in group sex. It can include swinging as well, which is a more organized, prolonged method of group sex. With group sex, more can definitely be merrier.

Kink List Conclusion

At the end of the day, fetishes are about getting sexual gratification from breaking taboos. If done with consent with all parties involved, anything can be a fetish. The kink list above is just an overview of the most popular fetishes around and may be everything you and your partner like or not enticing to you at all. Talk about what you both like and don’t like and incorporate it into your sex lives. It’s exciting, creates intimacy and trust, and facilitates a stronger, healthier relationship. Mutual kink can just be a fun experience for you and your partner to enjoy and a fantastic way to bond with each other (pun intended). So, go get some handcuffs and have a great time!