You work hard. You play hard. And in the summer months, you sweat…hard. As you move through your day, whether in the office, gym, swinging a hammer, or dancing at the club on the prowl, the heat down below increases with each step you take, and you feel the dreaded dampness pooling, the beginnings of swamp crotch. Your nether region becomes uncomfortably moist and sticky, and the stickiness leads to chafing and worse…the rancid stench of captive sweat.

What is swamp crotch?

According to the Urban Dictionary, Swamp Crotch is “one of the worst smells known to mankind.” That odor…it’s bacteria forming around your junk. Simply unsexy.

Obvi, Swamp Crotch is OUT this (and every) summer season. It’s a firm No for any man ever. I don’t care where you live or what you do or how hot it is…beating swamp crotch should be a top priority on any man’s to-do list.

But in these sweltering summer months, how exactly can you avoid the itchy, sweaty, stinky mess in your pants…especially when your package is oh-so-hot?

Unless you can live life free balling in a loin cloth, the most effective method to keep your package breezy fresh is choosing the right undies for the season.

Our 3 Favorite Fabrics for Cooling Your Crotch

  1. Modal – Make a shift from inexpensive cotton blends to the high quality fabric of Modal. Modal provides the cooling softness of cotton, with 50% greater absorbency. Made from Beechwood pulp, Modal’s natural properties allow your skin to breathe. It releases sweat and moisture quickly, so it’s not trapped next to your most sensitive skin.Modal has incredible properties…especially for clothing worn close to the skin. Modal feels far more luxurious and soft to the touch than other cotton-like fabrics. Modal washes well, keeping its shape and does not shrink or become loose over time. The fabric resists ripping and pulling, keeping your parts comfortably contained and close. Best of all, for these hot summer months, modal is a cooling blend.We recommend adding the 2UNDR boxer briefs to your wardrobe this summer and see how Modal can wick your swamp worries away.
  2. Performance Mesh – When working out at the gym or dancing the night away, a high performance fabric may be just the ticket to trapping moisture FAR away from your sex zone. Performance mesh, like the one in our Timoteo Shockwave Mesh Trunk, has you cupped and covered.Performance mesh is made from durable, technologically advanced materials designed specifically to move with your body no matter what you are putting it through, and to wick away moisture that belongs far from your family jewels. Performance mesh is specifically designed to eliminate the odors caused by swampy sweat, and performance undies are specifically designed to avoid chafing with technologically designed seams and structure.The Timoteo Shockwave Mesh Trunk was created with a blend of 90% polyamide and 10% spandex. Polyamide is a synthetic, sweat-wicking and water-repelling fabric, making it the ideal material for sportswear…and for a working (or playing) man’s undies in these sweltering summer months.
  3. Pima Cotton – Some men are simply committed to coolness of cotton…but not all cotton is created equal. Especially in the hot, summer months, choosing a high quality cotton is essential for keeping the swampy smells at bay. Pima cotton is considered one of the supreme cooling cotton blends thanks to its long, fibrous threads and durable strength.The 2xist Pima Knit Boxers are made for the man who loves his simple cotton boxer briefs, while wanting to keep summer cool in luxurious pima cotton.


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Prevent the rot of swamp crotch this season by choosing the exact right materials and fabrics to keep your bulge clean, dry and protected. If you need a little more protection from the swamp…check out this post from our friends at The Art of Manliness.