Legs days at the gym are rough. But those squats, lunges, and lifts make your thighs, calves, and glutes look great! Men’s leggings (meggings) let you show off the fruits of that hard work. On top of looking great, meggins are also super comfortable.

We’ve heard the dastardly claim coming from some people that male leggings are just as bad as cargo shorts, flip flops, and socks with crocs. The new fashion craze for fashionable male leggings stems from the evolution of athletic leggings for men.

It was bound to be seen on the streets. Lenny Kravitz and Russell Brand eat your hearts out… men will don their leggings with jackets, sweatshirts, and hoodies and go about their day in unfettered freedom.

What makes meggings great

Men who wore meggings said that they felt like a badass wearing them, reminiscent of a superhero in tights. There’s much more range of motion, so you can cross your legs much easier than wearing skinny jeans or regular pants.

It’s no wonder women wore them all the time. With meggings, men don’t have to worry about circulation problems and nerve damage because the material is very elastic and breathable and surprisingly insulated, so you can wear them year round.

Meggings are a big middle finger to the patriarchy dictating what you should wear. It’s time to diversify your wardrobe to whatever style you want.

If anything, a man’s closet can use a bit more flair, so don’t let toxic masculinity hinder you in your megging pursuits. Be free and wear some male leggings.


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Here are some top megging brands for you to try out. Just look at how hot they are.


Jor Men's Leggings (Meggings)
Jor Gladiator Men’s Leggings – Red
Start your venture into male leggings with a bang. This high-energy red shows everyone that you’re a high-energy kind of guy who doesn’t care if people stare. Is it because of the color or because you’re such a badass? The world may never know.

Jor Blue Men's Leggings (Meggings)
Jor Gladiator Men’s Leggings – Royal Blue
This royal design is sleek, stylish, and sure to be a compliment for a great deal of shirts already in your closet. Show everyone you’re the man and the king of male leggings.

Jor Grey Men's Leggings (Meggings)
Jor Speed Men’s Leggings – Gray
A great choice to add a little androgyny into your already androgynous style. Not only will these pants fit well, but they’ll provide maximum comfort while giving you top-notch aesthetic. Throw on a hoodie and seize the day with these awesome meggings.

Marco Marco Underwear

Marco Marco Men's Leggings (Meggings)
Marco Marco Men’s Leggings – Murray
Eye-catching style for supreme comfort. These leggings by Marco Marco Underwear will not disappoint. Their designer mens leggings and sport shorts rock bold eye catching patterns and bold colors. Looking sexy and getting much desired attention.


2Eros Men's Leggings (Meggings)
2Eros Men’s Leggings
The tights for men from 2Eros are sure to be the most bang for your buck. They are form fitting and made from premium Modal fabric. This fabric is made from Lenzing—a naturally soft and exceptionally ecological material produced using Edelweiss technology so you’ll be incredibly comfortable in these tights.

The best part of all is that these meggings provide an added lift for those guys who want to show off their natural endowment. You can’t go wrong with these tights to show off how big of a man you truly are.

Meggings Man Clothing

Meggings Mans Clothing Men's Leggings
Meggings Man Clothing Men’s Leggings – Black
Of course, you can take it to the original trendsetters for male leggings. This company, unlike the other ones mentioned above, design fashion-only leggings and not athletic-centric ones.

They’re specifically designed to fit the proportions of a man and provide maximum comfort. They even include wide, comfy waistband and faux zippers to give the illusion of jeans.

The site even offers specific measurements for sizing so you know which pair of leggings will be perfect for you. These meggings are affordable and a great addition to your wardrobe.

Wear them to the gym then out on the street to the grocery story, the library, or wherever else you want to go with your sick new male-specific leggings.

So, why all the commotion about men’s leggings?

Sites like Buzzfeed have said meggings “should not exist“, GQ simply said “no“, and Anderson Cooper himself said called meggings “ridiculous“.

But just with any new fashion piece, there needs to be an adjustment period. Founders of Meggings Man Clothing, a megging fashion company, said that this trend was bound to happen.

According to their interview with Huffington Post, Andrew Volk and Adam Freck knew something was shifting when they noticed men wearing women’s leggings: “…[M]en are getting more comfortable with wearing something like this, more so than they ever have. I truly don’t think it will be something that comes and goes within a year.”

However, women’s leggings didn’t fit a male body the way they were supposed to. So they made male-friendly leggings to please all the adventurous men out there.

Adventures in meggings

As you can see, there are tons of options in meggings and your choices will only grow as people start to accept them more. That said, don’t be naive when you jump head-first into the world of tight fitting clothes. It will take some getting used to for both you and other people.

Men who started wearing them have reported that the first time they put on the tights they are uncomfortable with the way the fabric hugs the body so well; but after some time the body adjusts. You can chill in max comfort inside.

Once you venture outdoors, however, men wearing meggings get attention. Especially if they have the quads and glutes to fill them. These men know that the comfort and stylishness of wearing tights is well worth the attention.

Despite all its amazing functions, however, male leggings still lag on having pockets. The materials that meggings are made from could tear easily. Mostly pockets would look bulgy and detract from the style of meggings.


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Most megging manufacturers shy away from adding pockets to their clothes. Perhaps with enough time, a manufacturer will come out with meggings that include pockets. Until then, complete your outfit with a jacket with pockets to carry all your stuff.

Don’t let the lack of pockets deter you from picking up a pair of meggings. Superman, Robin Hood, and that Instagram hottie don’t have a problem wearing tights and neither should you.

Not only will you be incredibly comfortable in your tight clothing, showing off that sexy hot bod, but you’ll be giving society a robust middle finger in its face. Show everyone just how much you don’t care about fashion norms. Display those quads and glutes, my friend, and have a ball with male leggings.