Prostates are the new penises. Or is it peni? Doesn’t matter. The point is, if you aren’t pleasuring his prostate with prostate play, you are denying him one of the single greatest marvels of being a man.

Only dry facts about the penis were hammered into us during sex education. Penis to vagina to baby. Wear a condom. Or, if you were lucky to go to a nice Christian school, wait till you are married…heterosexually.

We’re rarely taught about pleasure, let alone the parts of the body that derive them.

Times have changed…and I am here to share the Good News! One of the hidden treasures of the human body that deserves to be stimulated and stroked is none other than the glorious male prostate.

Prostate Play Diagram

The prostate, which sits inside the anal canal, is used to aid in reproduction. Before ejaculation, the prostate secretes a fluid. The fluid aids in sperm mobility and prolongs the life of the sperm. But we aren’t only here for the money shot. That same prostate feels really freaking good when stimulated. That’s where prostate massage or prostate toys come in.

Learning how give your partner with a prostate massage can add a new experience in the bedroom. It’s reported that orgasms through prostate stimulation are incredibly powerful and longer lasting. Massaging the prostate also decreases impotence, reduces the risk for cancer. It promotes better prostate gland health overall.

It’s time to give the prostate a little lovin’. Here’s how to get the most out of prostate play…


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Preparation is key to prostate play

Before you get down and dirty, try to avoid any cause of accidents at all. The person getting their prostate stimulated should douche their rectum. Flush out anything that can make a mess and follow up with a shower. The penetrator should trim their nails and have clean hands. the anus is sensitive and prone to tears.

If you want to feel extra safe, finger cots or latex gloves and paper towels may be an excellent idea. And if you’re concerned about contracting STDs, it may be best to put condoms on prostate toys!

Lube it on up

The anus can’t self-lubricate. So you’ll want to apply lube liberally and often during prostate play. Be sure to get a thick anus-appropriate lube, like Pjur Backdoor. Follow other lube precautionary advice. Such as not using silicone lube on silicone toys. And if this is the receiver’s first time being penetrated, it’s a good idea to warm them up first.

Massage the anus. It’s loaded with as many nerve endings as your other favorite erogenous zone. Stroke their shaft. Perhaps play with the nipples too. A little warm-up anal play can go a long way toward prostate orgasm.

Go for gold

Now the receptive partner is warmed up and relaxed. You may now begin your expedition toward becoming a prostate massager. Since the prostate gland enlarges when aroused, it shouldn’t be too hard to find. Feel around for it. It still may be difficult it’s the penetrator’s first time penetrating.

The prostate is located about two inches below the rectum towards the scrotum. After inserting a finger, feel around for a chestnut sized ball. Use a come-hither motion towards the navel to stimulate the prostate. Do not rub back and forth… just one-way toward the front.

With a generous massage, the receptive partner can reach an incredibly intense, toe-curling orgasm. Simply through prostate stimulation via your skills as a prostate massager.

If you’re still having difficulty finding internally, the prostate can be stimulated externally via the perineum. (The diamond shaped area between the scrotum and the anus.) This will lead to less intense results.

Benefits from a prostate-stimulated orgasm

Prostate massages are good for prostate health. A prostate orgasm is great for the man. A prostate induced orgasm can produce a dry orgasm. Which is orgasm without ejaculation. And, because of this, the receptive partner can orgasm multiple times. Because though ejaculation needs a refractory period, orgasms don’t. So stimulating the prostate enough times can lead to a slew of orgasms without having to wait in between!

Other prostate play tips

Exercise regularly and eat a well-balanced diet to promote optimum prostate health. If you’re feeling crappy, it’s gonna be represented in your orgasms. Fruits and veggies go a long way in health, so load up on them.

Do kegel exercises. They’re not just for women. The Pubococcygeus muscles is near the anus. It helps maintain control over urination and blood flow to the penis. It also helps create stronger orgasms as well. It’s like a female G-spot orgasm. They’re both done through a series of muscle contractions. So the stronger the muscles, the stronger the orgasm.

To strengthen them, clench and unclench your anal muscles. Keep repeating until those babies could turn coal into diamonds.

Try different positions during prostate play. There’s a multitude of ways to stimulate the prostate. Find the positions that are right for the receiver. And be sure to go slow; there’s absolutely no rush involved. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

During prostate play, the receptive partner may feel the need to urinate or defecate. This is to be expected because the body is feeling new sensations and doesn’t know how to process them. Just know that those urges will take some getting used to. They will eventually pass. It may be best to clean out both systems beforehand to definitely get rid of any confusion.

Practice, practice, practice!

It’s always great to have to people involved with prostate stimulation. You don’t always need someone to lend a hand (pun intended). There are many toys on the market for solo prostate stimulation. The Aneros Helix Syn, which is perfect for beginners. The velvet touch silicone will feel silky smooth. It’s perfectly designed for maximum prostate pleasure.

Make sure all toys used are safe and from a reputable manufacturer. It would be wise to use toys with a flared edge or something to that degree. That way it’s pulled out of the anus (or doesn’t get lost up there). Do your research to find the best toy for you.

Make sure that all prostate stimulation is done in a safe, comfortable manner. If something doesn’t feel right, stop immediately and communicate it to your partner. Prostate stimulation is an intimate, vulnerable act. try to avoid unpleasantries as much as possible.

After reading this post, you’re now an expert on prostate play. Grab your partner. Get some lube and a few toys and put this information to good use and induce a little prostate pleasure!


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