Does your lovin’ require rubbin’? Help yourself out with using a copious amount of the perfect gay lube. Call it anal lube, gay lube, anal sex lube, or anything else. These lubes reduce much-unwanted friction in sensitive skin areas. Improve any and all sexual experiences for gay men. Whether you prefer silicone-based lubricants or water-based lubricant… Love yourself and your partner and check out some of these lubes.

Best Hybrid Gay Lube

Best Gay Lube: Spunk Hybrid Lube

SPUNK Hybrid Lube

Want lube that’s got a little more spunk? Then SPUNK Hybrid Lube is right up your alley. It’s an award-winning water-based cum lube with bits of silicone mixed in. Giving it the look and feel of natural body lubrication (cum).

But most of all it doesn’t mitigate the sensation of skin-to-skin contact. SPUNK Lube cleans up very easily due to its formula. It’s non-staining and hypoallergenic as well.

Enjoy the white creaminess of SPUNK Hybrid Lube. It won’t leave you feeling sticky, tacky, or greasy. Making it perfect for anal. And giving you a glide that makes your skin smooth and soft.

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Best Gay Lube: System JO Silicone Free Hybrid Lube

System JO Silicone Free Hybrid

System JO Silicone Free Hybrid complements the male body’s natural lubrication. It has a satin-smooth texture and light coconut smell. That’s sure to provide extra olfactory titillation in the bedroom. It’s a creamy white lubricant that’s perfect for solo use, couple, or silicone toy play. Don’t fear though, this lube will not destroy your toys.

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Best Water Based Gay Lube

Best Gay Lube: Pjur Back Door Water-Based

Pjur Back Door Water-Based

Did somebody leave the backdoor open? Backdoor Anal Waterbased from Pjur is a high-quality water-based anal lube. Specially made for men who enjoy maximum moisture during anal sex. It’s hypoallergenic, condom safe, and ideal for daily use. This personal lubricant contains medical-grade ingredients. Meaning this will be a lube you’re sure to love.

The main ingredient in this lube is hyaluronan. Which has properties that increase viscosity without becoming sticky. Hence you never feel gross after bottoming again. Just apply it to the part of the body you desire and store it at room temperature. You’re good to go with Pjur Backdoor Anal Waterbased lube!

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Best Gay Lube: System JO H2O Anal Lube

System JO H2O Anal Lube

System JO made Anal H2O with ass play in mind. This awesome water-based lubricant enhance intimacy and comfort during anal play. Formulated by utilizing a pure plant-based glycerin. This personal lubricant offers a smooth and comfortable play time. With quality natural ingredients and no added desensitizers included. The smooth body offers a long-lasting glide 100% free from tacky or sticky residue. What’s more, System JO H2O Anal is compatible with almost all materials, is toy friendly, and is very easy to clean.

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Best Silicone Based Gay Lube

Best Gay Lube: Uberlube Silicone Lubricant


Guess what, queens? There’s a new king in town. Uberlube Silicone is lauded time and again for its unmatched silky smooth feeling. Without leaving a gummy texture afterwards. It’s made from the highest-quality silicone. Making Uberlube top all the other luxury lubes. This silicone lube transfers skin-to-skin sensation while reducing friction.

Once you’re done having a great lubey time and manipulating this lube, it starts to dissipate. Finally, leaving skin soft and moisturized. Never feel overly wet (or, well, because of this lube ;)). Customers who use Uberlube once say they’ll never use another lube for anal sex again, it’s that good.

The best part is that Uberlube is not just for sex. Use it to style your hair, moisturize your skin, stop chafing during exercise, and more. The list goes on. Enjoy the uber capabilities of Uberlube Silicone lube.

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Amity Jack Bang Oil

Thankfully, Amity Jack’s got you covered with its Premium Bang Oil. This silicone lube lasts longer than most lubes out there. Meaning no more reapplications during sex. It has the perfect balance between glide and pleasure and will never feel like a slip-n-slide. Best of all, it’s the perfect consistency to maximize pleasure. Without becoming sticky or drying out during sex.

And because it’s silicone-based, you can take it into water and still have lubrication. Move things over to the shower, the hot tub, pool, anywhere that’s wetter than you. Wherever you are, Amity Jack Bang Oil is sure to give you a great time.

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Best Oil Based Gay Lube

Best Gay Lube: Boy Butter Original Oil Based Lube

Boy Butter Original

Want a high-quality lube? Then, Boy, have we got a Butter lube for you. Boy Butter Original is oil base lube. It’s made from two awesome main ingredients: A blend of organic silicone and coconut oil. Then mixed like real butter in a butter churn process. As a result, it’s a kickass lubricant that lasts. Lasting longer than any silicone or synthetic lube on the market. But rinsing off with normal water. Have clean skin and clothes after a night of being dirty.

Along with its incredible texture, it’s also about a third of the cost of silicone-alone lubricant. Why pay more when you can get amazing quality, long lasting lube with Boy Butter Original oil lube?

One note… Though amazing and safe for all sex toys, Boy Butter Original is not latex safe. Make sure to use it by yourself or with a trusted partner. If you still want to use it, be sure to grab some polyurethane condoms like Durex Avanti or Trojan Supra.

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Best Gay Lube: Elbow Grease Original Cream

Elbow Grease Original Cream

One lube that rules them all. Fun fact… Elbow Grease Original was the first sexual lubricant available on the sex aid market. Four decades later, it’s still around today. Guess you can call it Daddy.

Elbow Grease Original is a thick cream lubricant that is oil-based with a viscosity to die for. It’s is a 100% safe, creamy, premium lubricant. Designed to maximize any sensual experience. Use this lube with polyurethane condoms. Do not used Elbow Grease Original with latex.

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Desensitizing lube

Best Gay Lube: Boy Butter Extreme Desensitizing Lube

Boy Butter Extreme Desensitizing Formula

No one should have to feel ashamed during sex (unless they want to, of course). Find your ejaculation comes too early? Give Boy Butter Extreme Desensitizing Formula a try. Push yourself beyond your limits with this fabulous lube for you and your partner!

Boy Butter Extreme is a desensitizing oil-based lubricant. It’s made with 5% of Benzocaine, a numbing agent. Mixing the ingredients like real butter. Just like the Original formula. Resulting in a wonderful lubricant. It will numb your naughty parts while still lasting as long. As long as any silicone or synthetic lubricant. It will wash off clothes and skin with normal water, making clean-up a breeze.

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As with any oil-based lube, it is not latex condom safe. Preparation is key to safety.


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Had an eyeful? Good. Whether it’s from oil or water, there’s bound to be a perfect gay lube for you. Bottoming? Check out our guide to preparing for anal sex. Then read our anal douche guide to keep your top happy.