Oh the things you will hear…

The nightmarish stories of lack of lube gone horribly wrong. The misconceptions about ingredients and bases. The terror of stained sheets and damaged dildos.

As THE Director of Happy Endings, I hear them all.

Now it’s time to clear the air and address the most common little lies about lube:

1. You can’t use lube with condoms (or your condom is lubricated so no need for more)

This is downright cray cray. Of course you can use lube with condoms. First, the lubricant on a condom is simply not enough to make any real difference, especially in non-self lubricating body parts.

Here’s the deal though. Oil based lubes (including coconut oil and baby oil) can damage a condom. Water, flavored, and silicone based lubes are totally safe to use with condoms. No risk of breakage from the lube, and allows the condom to smoothly glide with you, enhancing pleasure for all.

2. Lube will ruin toys.

First off, who would want to mess with unlubricated penetration toys? Ouch! Of course you can use lube safely with toys. Here is what you need to know when using toys and lube:

If the toy is silicone, use water-based lube.
If the toy is not silicone, use silicone or water based.
Do not use oil based lubricants with toys or condoms.

Silicone lubricants are the longest lasting lubricants, so many favor silicone for anal play. However, laws of chemistry state “like dissolves like” so it’s best to avoid silicone if your toys are also made of silicone. Simple right?

Water-based lubricants are also long lasting (though may require reapplication for extra long play times)…and will not damage your toys.

3. In a pinch, spit can be a great substitute for lube.

Yes…spit is readily available and right there…and it is wet. Sort of. But, unless engaged in oral sex (where the spit is constant), spit does not have the lubrication factor necessary for long lasting passion. Spit dries into the skin really quickly, grinding your play time to a painful halt.

Spit also can transmit diseases…so if you are using a condom to eliminate risk of disease, you may defeat the purpose by using spit as lube.

4. Anal always hurts…at least a little

No. It should not. If it does… stop… lubricate. Appreciate. Enjoy. Read more about preparing for anal sex.

5. All lube is pretty much the same

As you can tell from lie buster one and two, personal lubricants are all created differently. Even beyond the bases, different lubricants have different purposes and qualities…making lube a sex toy in and of itself.


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