Got a little bit of free time on your hands? Don’t just use your hands. Get off in  better way with some of the best sex toys for men on the market!

Our Favorite Sex Toys for Men

Instead of the traditional masturbation techniques, try something new. By yourself or with others. Below you’ll find… fleshlights, nipple suckers, male masturbators, masturbation sleeves, prostate stimulators, and more. A host of male sex toys to hit that male G-spot—oh my! I hope you’re ready to expand your sex life. Introducing you to the wonderful world of men’s sex toys. Beyond penetrative sex and your lone hand.

Hot Octopus Pulse III

Hot Octopus Pulse III Solo

Sex toys for men: Hot Octopus Pulse III Solo

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What’s better than sliced bread? Well, the “Guy-brator” by Hot Octopus for one. It’s a revolutionary male masturbation sex toy. Put it around either a flaccid or erect penis. Slip it on, lube it up, and enjoy the deep vibrating oscillations right against the penis. It’s one of the most life-changing sex toys for men.

Hot Octopus Pulse III Duo

Sex toys for men: Hot Octopus Pulse III Duo

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What’s more, you can use it with a vagina-bearing partner to enhance foreplay for both of you with the Pulse DUO. Slip the Pulse onto your penis and let it oscillate. The bottom side of the Pulse will vibrate, so together you can be pleased at the same time. Whether it’s missionary or woman-on-top. It’s quite the game-changer.

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We know what that 14 year old you did with the hand lotion. You need a better masturbation lube to handle your “alone time” needs. Here are the best ones.

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Fleshjack Go Surge

Fleshjack Ice Crystal Bottom

Sex toys for men: Fleshjack Ice Crystal Bottom

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Hold onto your butts, boys, because this toy from Fleshjack will make you beg for more. Discreetly carry it wherever you go with its compact, nondescript packaging. Lube it up and you’ll be ready to go. Its one-handed functionality means you’ll be free to hold, stroke, or fondle anything else you want too. It’s a truly great masturbator.

Fleshlight Go Surge Lady for Straight Men

Sex toys for men: Fleshlight Go Surge Lady

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Much more than any old pocket pussy. The amazing Fleshlight Go Surge offers up a sex toy that feels great with a realistic vagina. Simply lube it up and use it however you want. Adjust the valve to get the perfect amount of suction.

Whether you’re a “just the tip” kind of guy or love full-on deep throating… this is a sex toy that keeps your climax in mind. Your mind won’t be the only thing that’s blown when you use it.

Tenga Eggs

Sex toys for men: Tenga Egg 6 Pack Sex toys for men: Tenga Egg Inside Sex toys for men: Tenga Egg Stretches

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You may be surprised that this one made it to our list of favorite sex toys for men. The Tegna egg looks deceptively simple as a masturbation toy. But watch the video on Tenga’s website to see just how powerful the EGG can be. It comes with lube, so the first time you use it you’ll be good to go. Simply lather up the inside and the opening and slip the opening around the head of your penis. Then stretch the egg down the shaft and pleasure your safe as you want. It’s incredibly stretchy material and can fit any penis size.

Magic Wand Massager + Masturbator Attachment

Sex toys for men: Magic Wand Muscle Massager

Magic Wand Muscle Massager

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Sex toys for men: Essentials Masturbator Attachment

Essentials Masturbator Attachment

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If you had a magic wand, would you wish for the masturbator attachment? You should. Because this attachment lets people with penises use the formerly vagina-only vibrator. Simply put the cup-shaped attachment onto the wand tip and put your penis inside. Turn on the masturbator and go to town. Stroke back and forth, feeling all new sensations. It’s incredibly durable and easy to clean. Making it a keeper in your sex-toy collection and a recommended sex toy for men… and couple.

Fat Boy By Perfect Fit

Sex toys for men: Fat Boy By Perfect Fit
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Available in 2 colors… This toy is a two-for-one deal: you can use it for solo pleasure or you can use it to enhance your partner’s penetration. Making it one of our favorite sex toys for men. If you want your partner to feel a bigger load, use an extender. They enhance your own girth—pleasuring yourself in the process. It’s made from Siliskin. A blend of silicone and TPR, which is designed to be super stretchy and flexible, allowing it to move as you do.

Inside the extender are ribs and nubs that help you feel sensations. Unlike anything the wearer has ever felt during sex. And don’t worry about it slipping off, as it fastens securely around the base of the balls. Just a warning: the extender is not meant to replace a condom. Always practice safe sex when using the Fat Boy Extender.

Fat Boy Sizing Guide

Picking the right Fat Boy depends on your size and how much girth you want to add.

Most men (6″ or less)

  • Fat Boy Sport Adds maximum girth (1″+)
  • Fat Boy Thin Adds noticeable girth (1/2″-3/4″)

Larger men (more than 6″)

  • Fat Boy Original Adds maximum girth (1″ or more)
  • Fat Boy Thin Large Adds noticeable girth (1/2″-3/4″)
Sex toys for men: Original Fat Boy
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Original Fat Boy

The one that started it all… add impressive girth to your cock that enhances penetration for both the top and the bottom. Between the added girth and the internal stroker, it’ll be hard to guess who will finish first.

Sex toys for men: Fat Boy Thin
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Fat Boy Thin

If the original is too big for your partner to handle, the Fat Boy Thin’s got you covered. It’s still the much loved ultra-real feeling sheath with soft silaskin and interior nubs. But it’s just a shorter thickness and girth than the original. Allow your partner to be comfortable with the Fat Boy Thin penis extender. (While feeling great yourself too.)

Sex toys for men: Fat Boy Sport
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Fat Boy Sport

Just like the Original Fat Boy extender but is shorter for a more snug fit. It’s still a great extender that’s sure to fulfill the needs of you and your partner.

Oxballs Unit X Cock Ring

Sex toys for men: Oxballs Unit X Cock Ring Packaging Sex toys for men: Oxballs Unit X Cock Ring

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Add a little squeeze to your nuts with the Oxballs Unit X Cock Ring (or penis ring). It pushes your balls low and helps your erection. Giving you added pleasure when topping and during an orgasm. Best of all, cleanup is easy with a little soap and water. Explore your kink comfort zone by using this cock ring from Oxballs.

Oxballs Gripper Nipple Suckers

Sex toys for men: Oxballs Gripper Nipple Suckers

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Most sex toys for men focus on one organ, but nipples need some lovin’ too! To use… simply wet the opening with whatever liquid you want. (Most commonly used is spit, but whatever floats your boat.) Squeeze out the air, and place the suckers on the nipples. Feel free to play with them however you want.

Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager

Sex toys for men: Aneros Helix Syn

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Why let ladies have all the fun? We’re aware of women describing toe-curling orgasms with g-spot stimulation. But you have your own too! Sadly, it’s often forgotten in conventional male pleasure guide. Not anymore. Stimulate your own G-spot, boys, with this revolutionary toy from Aneros.

There’s a reason it won the Xbiz Male Pleasure Product of the Year, and made it to our list of Xbiz Male Pleasure Product of the Year. It truly is “pleasure perfected,” being designed with every part of male pleasure in mind. It’s anatomically perfected to stimulate the prostate. Giving you hands-free masturbation that’s perfect for beginners. Or seasoned prostate fondlers alike. The silicone toy is of impeccable quality and only made with FDA-approved materials. Reach new levels of pleasure with the Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager.

You’ve seen some of the best sex toys on the market. Be sure to keep them clean when you inevitably buy one with System JO Refresh Foaming Toy Cleaner

System JO Refresh Foaming Toy Cleaner

Sex toys for men: System JO Refresh Foaming Toy Cleaner

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An ethically-made product that increases the longevity of your sex toys. While keeping them super clean. Simply spray your toy with the cleaner, letting it sit for five to ten seconds before rinsing it clean. It includes USDA-certified natural ingredients. Meaning you’ll put no harsh chemicals in your body. Enjoy the freshness of this awesome toy cleaner by System JO.


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What are you doing reading this article? Put your hands to better use and get one of these sex toys for men. You won’t regret it.

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