You’re in bed and your man is ready…slick and slippery. You want to move your mouth from above to below. But he’s already lubed up in anticipation of other activities.

Pleasure and passion are quickly replaced with questions…

Are water based lubes edible?

What do water based lubes taste like?

Do you need to wash him off before moving below?

Today we get deep into the age old question of whether water-based personal lubricants are truly safe for our consumption and the best edible lube.  While in theory we can always save the lube for last…routine like that could kill passion forever.

The good news is…you don’t have to save the lube for last.

Water based lubricants are, indeed, quite safe for human consumption, at least the type we are talking about here.  They are not nearly as safe to drink.  But in small quantities, you are perfectly safe.

So what of that slightly toxic taste…

Glycerin vs. Glycerin-Free Water Based Lube

Water based lubricants typically use one of two bases: synthetic glycerin or glycerin-free (which actually uses a vegetable derived glycerine).

Synthetic glycerin has a sweet taste, and is used in some of the less expensive drug store lubricants.  Unfortunately, the taste alone is no reason to change your lube.  Synthetic glycerin can trigger yeast infections in women and may have other toxic side effects.

Glycerin free lubricants tend to have a more bitter taste (if no taste formula is added), or may have no taste at all (in the case of some organic lubricants).

When considering what you want in your mouth, the safest route leads to an organic, water-based lube.  Free of dies, parabens, and other chemicals, organic lubricant is 100% safe and effective in creating the stimulation you desire without fear of that toxic moment.

At Undies & Lube, we offer several organic, water-based lubricants which are paraben free, glycerine free, and infused with certified organic botanicals offering long lasting play and pleasant taste-free experiences.


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How to Pick the Best Flavored Edible Lubes

Salted caramel, blue raspberry, mocha java… no, it’s not the next diet craze—it’s lube. Crazier and crazier flavors are slipping into the world of lubricants. You can get any flavor from bacon to whiskey, from spicy, tangy, or deliciously sweet, which is awesome when it comes to oral sex. Use them on any part of your body to make adding one more lick something better. It’s a total win-win for you and your partner, making using your mouth much more desirable.

But before you dive in face first into flavored lubes and coconut oil, you have got to know how to pick the best lubes to keep things moving along smoothly.

The Basics

Most lubes will fall into one of three categories:

  1. Water-based: Cheaper, compatible with sex toys and condoms, but dries out the fastest.
  2. Silicon-based: Slightly more expensive, dries out slower than water-based lubes, but is not compatible with silicon-based sex toys.
  3. Oil-Based: Expensive, break condoms, can cause infections, but they last the longest.

All of these can be flavored and turned into edible lubes, but not all of them can fit your needs, so do your research with the lubes before you buy.


Your biggest concern with picking lubes should be how it will affect your or your partner’s body. Some of these are fairly intuitive: If you are allergic to silicone, gurl, don’t use a silicone-based lubricant. That won’t be fun for anyone involved. Although there probably won’t be too many flavored lubes with silicone out there, be sure that you or your partner’s bodies are 100% compliant with the ingredients in the lube and that no allergic reactions will be had when using the flavored lubricants. Mouth rashes or hives can be a super big turn off.


You’ve probably heard about Stevia, the natural natural plant derived sweetener. But have you heard that it does not feed yeast, making it perfect for use in lube?! Yup, and that means many flavored lubes no longer have the terrible chemical taste. Fruity, spicy, minty, you can pretty much get any flavor you want. Get the flavor that resonates best with you.


Some flavored lubes can even give you a nice tingle. Mint lubes can feel cool while cinnamon can feel warm, which can be nice if you want to enhance the feel of your sexual experience.


Why are you using flavored lubes as opposed to regular lubes? Of course, it may be to cover up the smell or taste of your or your partner’s genitals (or other body parts). For the first-time giver of fellatio or rimming, it can make the experience a bit more pleasant with fun flavors, such as mint or strawberry. In short, put some flavored lube on a body of your choosing and go to town!

Inclusive pH Balance

The pH levels of the genitals are important for proper functioning. Here’s the proper pH of various body parts and fluid:

Rectum: pH 7.0 (neutral)
Semen: pH 7.0-8.5 (slightly alkaline)
Vagina: pH 3.0-4.5 (alkaline acidic)

Body pH is key to maintaining proper bacterial communities. Not only should your lubricant not contain any sugar to feed improper bacteria but it should match the pH found in these body parts. The vagina, for example, uses pH to fight off bacteria that causes thrush or support Candida albicans (yeast infections). Disrupted vaginal pH will not only cause unwanted odor but allow these STIs to thrive. It can also cause dryness and irritation during sex, which is no fun.

The rectum can still get thrush if the pH is thrown out of whack, so watch out. But don’t swing too far to the other end and use a lube that’s too acidic. You don’t want nasty bacteria or fungi up there, but don’t make yourself burn.

Dietary Preferences

If you or your willing participant is vegan, be sure that the ingredients of the lube don’t disrupt those dietary restrictions. We mentioned synthetic glycerin before. Non-synthetic glycerin can be made from animal products, so it should be doubly avoided if you’re a vegan. Use a vegan friendly lube instead.


Now this may be surprising… but your mind is connected to your body. What?! Yeah, it’s true! Knowing more about lubes lets you enjoy more activities and be better at them. When you are better at them, you can have a higher sexual desirability. This can cause a boost in sexual performance in the bedroom because your body is boosting your mind and vice versa.


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There are a lot of lubes to consider when choosing which one is the best for you. Here are some of the best flavored lubes available today:



Wicked lubricant is great for a smooth feel and great taste. Never sticky and without an aftertaste. Wicked® edible flavored lubes satisfies your sweet tooth and your intimate desires. All in one amazing pleasure product. Cinnamon Bun provides just enough scent and flavor to keep your mouthwatering and give you a little tang as you continue using it. Cherry Cordial really tastes like chocolate covered cherries.

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Sliquid offers a bunch of great flavors at an affordable price. You can get blueberry, pink lemonade, strawberry, and tons more. It’s water-based and water-soluble, vegan, glycerin and paraben-free, hypoallergenic and non-toxic, and it’s non-staining. It’s pH balanced neutral, so perfect for oral that turns to anal.

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Nature Lovin’

The Nature Lovin’ Lubricant KOALA line is a fabluous premium aromatic and flavored lubricant. They took their time to perfect this extensive line and it shows. Their flavor combinations are also quite unique and taste great. All of their lube is made with the same base ingredients as their Honey Bear line.

That’s a quick overview for edible and flavored lubes. Of course, picking the right brand that works for you comes down to your personal preferences and what you intend to use your lubes for. It’s probably best to have different lubes around for different sexy-time things, keeping flavored lubes around for oral and using something else for penetrative sex. Whatever you decide, have fun and be safe using your lubes!

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