In my Grindr rookie days I thought lube was a utility and only hard cock penetration was important. As I gained more experience… I discovered many magical things that can you can do with fingers, hands, and tongues. I also learned that using a cum lube can be super freaky-fun. Like instant cum shot and cream pies!

Below are some of the best water-based and silicone cum lubes around. They look, feel, and even smell like real nut butter (semen). Enjoy this personal lubricant with sex toys, anal sex, by yourself. They are great for role-playing and whatever other adventures you choose. You’ll be “cumming” back for more in no time.


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Master Series Jizz Cum Lube

Masters Series Jizz Cum Lube

You know what you can call this lube? The cream of the crop! Finally, there’s a lube that looks, feels, and smells like the real thing. Jizz will fill your nostrils with nothing less than the smell of man.

Fill your ejaculating toys with Jizz cum lube and enjoy the white, creamy, musky glide it offers. Because it’s water-based, it’s non-staining and thus will clean up easily. You can use as much as you want and not feel guilty.

Drizzle it on your partner for a little extra kink or use it during anal for you fluid fetishists out there. You can simulate a bukkake, creampie, facial, anything you want. This lube will not disappoint.

Even though it looks and smells like the real thing, the company suggests that you do not ingest the product. In other words, Jizz lube isn’t great for oral sex. It doesn’t taste like semen anyway. Still, enjoy it outside of the mouth and you’re good to go. Get turned on to new levels with this realistic cum lube.

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SPUNK Lube Hybrid Cum Lubes

SPUNK Hybrid Cum Lube

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Want something a bit longer lasting than a water-based lube? Well, look no further than SPUNK Lube Hybrid. It’s got the easy clean-up and versatile use of a water base lube but with smaller amounts of pure silicone thrown in.

SPUNK Lube won’t dry up as quickly and is safe for condoms. Since it’s not all silicone based it won’t disturb your silicone toys. Spot check, of course, but go to town in a whole new kind of way with SPUNK Lube Hybrid.

It’s made in the USA, hypoallergenic, and award-winning. But the real winning feature is that it’s made to resemble and feel like natural body lubrication (e.g. cum). It reduces friction while still letting you feel the pleasure of skin-to-skin contact. Although it’s white, it’s non-staining, so don’t worry too much about getting it on your clothes, floor, or bed sheets.

SPUNK Lube Hybrid will get the job done with the perfect amount of glide, and will never be sticky, tacky, or greasy. Use it for masturbation, anal, vaginal sex, toys, massage, role play, and more. It’s made from the finest ingredients possible. SPUNK lube will leave you feeling soft and moisturized once you’re done. Use it liberally and reap the benefits. SPUNK Lube is also available in pink!

SPUNK Hybrid Pink Cum Lube

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Customers rave over SPUNK Lube Hybrid:

“This is easily the smoothest and nicest lube I have had the amazing pleasure of using. No unpleasant taste, no girly scent, and makes a wonderful feeling even better. I definitely love this SPUNK lube and defy anyone not to try it.” Perry – Wyoming

“Just wanted you to know that my large package arrived in the post this morning and I simply had to give it a go. I ripped open the packaging and rubbed a little SPUNK lube onto my cock. WOW!!! IT IS AWESOME!!! Seriously smooth and feels so great on my hands and my member! I recommend this wholeheartedly. It is thicker than Gun Oil or Eros. And it doesn’t have any taste, as it mentions. I know it will be ideal for every situation. Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself. I must have more!” John – South Carolina

“I’ll never forget to order loads more of this brilliant hybrid lube. It’s the most awesome lube I’ve used… I adore it. It never stains materials, won’t my silicone gadgets like some do, and it’s seriously smooth and nice to use. What’s more, the pump container never leaks and is easy to use with one hand… trust me it is a great feature. It has felt much nicer and easier to work with than Liquid Silk, Astroglide, IDGlide” Lisa

“I’ve literally just returned from traveling around the US and met some of my friends who used Hybrid SPUNK Lube. I tried it out and it was awesome. So smooth and didn’t start to dry out during penetration yet it is easy to clean after use. A natural-feeling lube. :)” Leonardo – Brazil

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Bad Dragon Cum Lube (White)

Bad Dragon Cum Lube

Bad Dragon cum lube has been dominating the market for years. Not only does it look and feel like real ejaculate, but it’s got a scent similar to it too.

This lube is water-based. It’s usable for dildos made of silicone and wash off of skin, clothes, and other materials very easily. Bad Dragon cum lube is paraben-free as well, so it’s body safe as well as sex toy safe.

Customers who bought this lube especially love the feel of it during sex. Its thickness is comparable to semen, making it perfect for anal sex and vaginal sex.

It’s sure to slide things along without becoming too slippery. Though it does dry out over time, you know when to reapply it because it becomes clearer as it becomes thinner.

Overall, the look, feel, and lubricating properties of Bad Dragon make it one of the best cum lubes out there. There’s a reason why this personal lubricant is so popular. Whether you want it for solo or to use with a partner, Bad Dragon will not disappoint.

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We all want something that’s safe to use for sex and toys while still mixing a little kink into things. Try out one of these cum lubes and you won’t be disappointed. A cum lube will let you achieve your “cum as lube” fantasies. Buy a bottle and wonder how you’ve ever gone this far without it.

Enjoy the new freedom awarded with a cum lube. Have better sex and toy play because of it. Go ahead and make room on your nightstand for your next bottle!

Check out our list of best gay lubes and best masturbation lubes for more fun.