Best Gay Lube For 2018 That’ll Make You Howl

Does your lovin’ require rubbin’? Help yourself out with using a copious amount of the perfect gay lube. Call it anal lube, gay lube, anal sex lube, or anything else. These lubes reduce much-unwanted friction in sensitive skin areas. Improve any and all sexual experiences for gay men. Whether you prefer silicone-based lubricants or water-based […]

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Anal Douche Guide – What Everyone Ought To Know

It’s that time. You’ve met a guy on Grindr. He’s super hot, so of course you like him, AND he says he’s a top. You, being the ever-dutiful flower, know you should anal douche before sex. But you don’t exactly know how to do it. Spring cleaning time, boys. You know how to use a […]

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Use the best lubes for the job

Wine only comes in red and white, right? Of course not. There is a wide variety of wines with subtle variations of ingredients. The same goes for lubes. Knowing more about lube makes your experiences so much better.

Need a quick cleanup afterwards? Use a glycerin free water based lube. It fully absorbs after you're done and won't stain your best underwear. Is rimming not your favorite activity? Add some flavored lube and got to town. Many of the best flavored lubes use a Stevia as a sweetener, making them safe to use and taste great. Use a warming lube to help relax a tight bottom. Sensitive nipples? Put some cooling lube on them and blow. Get the picture? The more you know about lubes, the more fun you can have.

Not men's underwear... gay underwear

Undies & Lube is a gay underwear and lube information meca. To us, men's underwear includes what you can get at any old department or discount store. As a team of gay men, we understand gay men and where men's underwear fits in their desires. Gay men have high expectations from their underwear. So much more than average men's underwear. Any pair of underwear they put on should be great quality and have attention grabbing style.

Here's a secret... six pack abs aren't the only way to get attention. Confidence is the sexiest trait a man can have. (Yes, even in average men's underwear.) Showing that confidence while you display your best body assets? That's recipe for loads of attention. Think about it. Strip any man down to a cheap pair of underwear and he'll get a certain amount of attention. Give him a confident voice and suddenly even more of the gaggle is fighting for his attention.

Now, picture that same man a pair of ill fitting discount men's underwear. *okay* Then picture him in a Cellblock 13 jockstrap and a confident voice. *oh yeah* Which hookup do you think is going to be more fun? That's what we mean. Pick the right underwear that shares your personality and can show off your best assets. Average men's underwear gets average results. Believe me, you've got assets, now it's time to wear a style that gets them noticed.

Gay underwear cuts that steal their attention

Undies & Lube hand picks sexy underwear to help you make a statement and stand out from the pack, not blend in. Hot styles from jockstraps to briefs, jock briefs, boxer briefs, trunks, and even boxers. Whatever your body type, the gay underwear in our shop will help you put on a great show.

Your success in the hunt is very important to us. So important that we spent countless hours chatting and meeting guys. In the name of science of course. (You're welcome... and thank you. And a special thanks to Tim in Hell's Kitchen. *wink*) Anyway, with all that research and "hard" work, we found that gay men of every shape and size can look great in photos. Be sure to choose a cut and style that matches the type of gay men you're trying to attract.

When a gay man really wants show what he's got, a jockstrap does the trick. Take a look in our jockstrap section. Our gay underwear was hand selected with the gay client in mind. Creative, sporty, or flashy So hot and fun for your night on the town or lounging around after brunch.

The briefs we talk about aren't the tired old tighty whities. Instead they take the classic shape and pull in some sexy surprises. Trunks are a great cut for gay men that like a lower cut on the leg but want to showcase those hard, tight quads. For those gay men that do want to cover the quads, boxer briefs are your calling. We recommend keeping a variety of cuts in your underwear drawer. Some for everyday wear and others for those "special occasions."

Gay underwear fabrics and pouches

Oh my, we've seen so many new fabrics and pouch designs lately. Not to worry. Here's the scoop that you (and every gay man) needs to know about those gay underwear materials.

Cotton is super absorbent and inexpensive. it's also the most common underwear material. The new punch-hole cotton underwear from Jack Adams is a great twist on this classic fabric. They are available in jockstraps, briefs, and trunks. (Sorry boxer briefs.)

Modal is a semi-synthetic material that is absorbent and much softer than cotton. You have got to check out the underwear from 2UNDR make with modal fabric. Their boxer briefs are extremely comfortable, loose and breezy. Perfect for hot, steamy summer nights or snuggling by the fire.

Nylon is a synthetic fabric that pulls moisture from the skin and keeps its color better. Garcon Model uses a microfiber nylon in their jockstraps, briefs, trunks and boxer briefs. It's soft and helps gay men makes a statement.

Polyester is a very durable synthetic material. Nylon allows underwear to be very light and thin while keeping it's colors. The underwear from Jor makes full use of nylon with color and even shear underwear you have got to see (and wear).

Supplex® nylon feels and breathes more like cotton. It holds its shape, dries faster and retains its color better than cotton. Cocksox makes most of their underwear with Supplex®. Making their briefs, jockstraps, and trunks a great choice for show and play times.

Spandex is the super-stretchy synthetic fiber every gay man should know and love. As in spandex shorts and swimwear. Sometimes it's also called lycra or elastane. Marco Marco combines spandex with nylon to make some attention grabbing styles. Get them in jockstraps, briefs, trunks, and even men's leggings (um..I mean, meggings).

Now you know the fabrics our gay underwear mostly use. Let's turn chat about underwear pouches and ways to get yours more attention. Cocksox original and 2(x)ist maximize use unique pouch designs to enhance your manly goods. 2UNDR has a patented "Joey Pouch" that separates your valuable assets from your body. Providing less chafing, more control, and a fuller appearance. (They are a great alternative to boxer shorts.) Cellblock13 has their "U Bugle" system. It's a second narrow floating inner fabric U that hugs under your balls to thrust everything up and out. That will help get you noticed!

Gay men and boxer shorts

The boxer brief was born to the man fashion family in the mid 90's. Around that same time, boxer shorts started to lose their appeal. There are some gay men that refuse to give up their boxer shorts. Most moved on to a better style of men's underwear. In 2016, the NPD Group reported that boxer briefs are dominating men’s underwear with 40% market share. Showing that boxer briefs are a popular alternative to boxer shorts for many guys.

But boxer briefs aren't the only sexy underwear option for gay men that are ready to jump from the sinking boxer short boat. Trunks have become the style of choice for many for everyday wear in the gay man underwear world. Jockstraps and jock briefs are still the favorite choice when it's show time. We're sure there are few men that have moved from boxer shorts to briefs too.

If you are one of the men that refuse to hand over your boxer shorts, all is not quite lost. Supawear, and a few other underwear brands, have modernized the traditional boxer short. They have shortened the length and make them more trim. Giving men the freedom of boxer shorts and works better with straight-fit trousers. Also means men are less likely to have boxer shorts popping out of the top of their jeans.

Dominate the gay underwear parties

Now, I know this may be surprising, but... gay underwear parties are happening all the time! Whether at the bars or in private, we gay men LOVE showing off our gay underwear. It makes us feel great and the attention is oh so fun! Even better, we get to enjoy the other sexy underwear men there too!

We’re here to help you dominate your underwear moments. Whether feeding your gay underwear fetish or just picking up some hot man underwear to model for your current fling. As we said before, you don’t have to look like an underwear model to grab attention (or him). Put a pair of sexy underwear that share’s your personality and makes your assets look great. Notice how sexy you FEEL and know that other gay men see you as the sexy beast that you are. Add in your authentic personality and you dominate the room.